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Dell R940xa Intel Xeon Platinum 8270*2/64G/480GB SSD SATA RI*1/1600W

Dell R940xa Intel Xeon Platinum 8270*2/64G/480GB SSD SATA RI*1/1600W

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Dell R940xa Intel Xeon Platinum 8270*2/64G/480GB SSD SATA RI*1/1600W Overview

The Dell R940xa is a high-performance server powered by dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8270 processors, 64GB of RAM, and a 480GB SSD SATA RI storage. With a 1600W power supply, this server is designed to handle demanding workloads in enterprise environments and provide exceptional performance and reliability.

Quick Spec

Table 1 shows the quick spec of DL:Dell-R940xa-8270*2/64G/480GB-SSD-SATA-RI*1/1600W.

Product Name DL:Dell-R940xa-8270*2/64G/480GB-SSD-SATA-RI*1/1600W
Processor Dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8270
Memory 64GB
Storage 480GB SSD SATA RI
Power Supply 1600W

Product Features

  1. Dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8270 processors for exceptional performance
  2. 64GB RAM for smooth multitasking and demanding workloads
  3. 480GB SSD SATA RI storage for fast data access
  4. High-capacity 1600W power supply
  5. Scalable and reliable platform for enterprise environments

Product Applications

  1. Data center and cloud computing environments
  2. High-performance computing (HPC) and analytics
  3. Virtualization and containerization platforms

Supported Options

Table 2 shows the supported options of DL:Dell-R940xa-8270*2/64G/480GB-SSD-SATA-RI*1/1600W.

Option Model
Additional Memory Various DDR4 RAM options
Additional Storage Various SSD/HDD SATA/SAS options
Network Card Various NIC options
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